Introduction to Basic Game Design

This week, we will be mostly covering...

...the initial design and plan of your game.
When making a game, the same basic rules apply as with making anything - you must plan ahead. Few buildings are constructed without plans. Few movies are made without scripts. The same goes for games.

When planning a game, you must first consider the limitations of the computer on which you plan to make it. For the purposes of this course, you will be using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and a display no bigger than 640 pixels across by 512 pixels vertical.

HTML is a very easy programming "language" to learn, but on it's own, it is not very functional. CSS can be used to make it look pretty, but again, this adds little functionality. JavaScript is the brains behind the beauty, and it is this which you will use to make your games work.

But JavaScript will not work on it's own - it needs a web page (made from HTML) in which to operate.

With this in mind, we are ready to begin.