Your homework for this week is to design your game. What do you want it to do? What do you want it to look like? How big will your game objects be?

Remember that the simplest ideas work the best. JavaScript works best in 2D. Also, any game titles and characters you use in your game must be of your own invention. You are NOT allowed to use existing characters.

It is highly reccomended that you conduct this homework OUTSIDE of school hours - your ICT teacher may not look favourably on you using their teaching time to work on this extra-curricular activity!

There are some sample games for you to try out. Some were too complicated to finish - others were quite simple to make and so have been finished. You decide which are which, and draw inspiration from them.

Finally, there are some extra concepts for you to look at. Hexadecimal, Text, Text and Images, and Animation are all there for you to refer to if you get stuck in the coming weeks.

I would like each group to come back next week with a simple but exciting and original idea. You can use the keyboard and mouse as your input devices, and the screen as your output.

Work on your games will start next week, so you will have a total of 9 sessions to get your games ready for the competition.

IF we have time, we can work on some background music to put into your game, but you must have your game working and looking good first.