Welcome to the After School Programmers Group. By joining this group, you have entitled yourself to enter a special competition, as well as learning a lot about programming, image creation, mathematics, and the internet.
For the first week, we will look at the basic design priciples of computer game development.

The remaining nine weeks of our time will be spent developing the programming, graphics, and if we have time, sound for our games.

In the weeks following the development of the games, a contest will be held to find out who has developed the best game.
It is reccomended that you get together in groups no larger than three. One or two of you can work on the graphics while the remaining team members work on the program.

You need no prior knowledge of programming at all - this course will teach you everything you need to know for making a simple mini game using web technology.

The skills you will learn here will also be transferable to other areas of ICT, from application development to spreadsheets.